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  • What's the difference between Dragon Medical One and Dragon Medical Practice Edition speech recognition?
    The new Dragon Medical One (DMO) is a cloud-based speech recognition system, whereas Dragon Medical Practice Edition (DMPE) is a locally-installed solution. Dragon Medical One provides far greater flexibility for physicians who work from multiple PCs or sites. Other benefits include greater voice recognition accuracy and performance out of the box, minimal system requirements and vastly improved ease of use. Contact us for a full comparison and to identify the best product for you.
  • Do I need a powerful computer to run Dragon Medical One?
    No. All speech-to-text processing and adaptations are done "in the cloud", which means Dragon Medical One will run well on any compatible operating system, regardless of its hardware specifications. However, the older Dragon Medical Practice Edition desktop software does require significan RAM and processing power as all of the voice-to-text processing is performed on either the local client or server.
  • Do I need an internet connection to use Dragon Medical One?
    Yes. Dragon Medical One is a cloud-based speech recognition solution and internet connectivity is required at all times for speech-to-text conversion and profile access.
  • Is Dragon Medical One Apple Mac compatible
    Yes - with the new Helium application you can now access your Dragon Medical One cloud-based speech recognition profile on your Mac environment. Helium is an application that is installed natively on your Mac. This then connects to your Dragon Medical One user profile allowing you to access your profile natively on your Mac. Dictation will be via the Dictation Box with simple one click or one command to transfer text. Authors require a Helium license which can be purchased bundled with Dragon Medical One for new users or as a "addon" for existing Dragon Medical One subscribers from VoiceX Contact VoiceX on 1300 551 778 in Australia for more details about Dragon Medical One and Helium.
  • How many computers can I use Dragon Medical One on?
    There is no limite to the number of workstations in which you can use Dragon Medical One speech recognition. You can install the lightweight Dragon Medical One client on as many compatible workstations and servers as you need.
  • Do I need to carry my Dragon voice profile on a USB stick?
    No. With Dragon Medical One all author profile information, including your vocabulary, commands, settings and adaptations are stored in the cloud, so they are available wherever you are.
  • Is it hard to install Dragon Medical One?  Do I need IT Support?
    There is no typical software to install for Dragon Medical One - you just simply need to run a simple Dragon client that requires no administrative permissions to install. In rare cases, IT support may be required if your internal security block communication with Dragon Medical One servers.
  • Is my Dragon Medical One license/log-in transferable?
    Yes. If you no longer wish to use Dragon Medical One, your license can be transferred to another user at no cost.
  • Can I trial Dragon Medical One in Australia?
    Yes. You can register for an obligation free trial from VoiceX Communications - including a breif one-on-one training session to get you started. You can register for your free trial at
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