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Dragon Medical One Speech Recognition with SpeechExec Dictation software

Dragon Medical One +

Philips SpeechExec Enterprise

Dragon Medical One PLUS the power of SpeechExec Enterprise

On its own, Dragon Medical One Cloud-based Speech Recognition empowers doctors to speed up their documentation - but combining simple speech recognition with the power of SpeechExec Dictation Workflow provides a solution not only for the author but also admin staff.

Use Dragon Medical One as a stand-alone tool or within the SpeechExec Enterprise workflow;

  • Real-time speech recognition - Dictate directly into any Windows application ("dictate at cursor" / online speech recognition)

  • Back-ground speech recognition - Automatic conversion of speech-to-text from a pre-recorded dictation (offline / background speech recognition)

  • Choose your device - Dictate using a dictation microphone, headsets, voice recorder or SpeechExec Smartphone Dictation App

  • Traditional Audio Transcription - Send dictation automatically to your typist for transcription

  • 3rd Party Correction - Send speech recognition text with embedded audio to a typist for proof-reading and formatting

  • Advanced Workflow Manager - for automatic routing of dictation files based on customised rules

  • Statistics Module - for in-depth usage analysis

  • Web Access - for location-independent working from any computer with a web browser

  • Any Windows Environment  - Citrix, Remote Desktop WTS and Virtual Environments supported

Use your voice to work faster, better & smarter

with SpeechExec Enterprise 7 and Dragon Medical One Speech Recognition

SpeechExec Enterprise+ v8 now includes the option to add SpeechKit + Dragon Medical One to offer clinics the "best of both worlds" - traditional dictation/transcription workflow with the benefit of automatic speech-to-text speech recognition.

AI-powered speech recognition Dragon Medical One – has helped many doctors speed up their documentation process and make it more efficient. Combining speech recognition with a workflow software such as SpeechExec Enterprise, can not only save the doctors' time but also that of the transcriptionists or assistants, as they need to spend less time on proofreading and clearing up any questions.

Professional workflow and dedicated medical vocabulary

The new bundle offers the best of both worlds: A sophisticated workflow management software with a professional speech recognition solution geared for the medical sector. The new combined solution of industry-leading workflow and speech recognition software allows busy healthcare professionals to streamline their document creation process and significantly reduce their workload.

More accurate speech recognition results

The Dragon Medical One solution is located on a secure, in-country cloud-server for smoother and faster operation from anywhere. Doctors can dictate at-cursor in any application and thanks to its dedicated medical vocabulary and smart speech recognition software, which learns from mistakes, they can benefit from high speech recognition accuracy.

Original audio files are saved too whilst using speech-to-text

Another key advantage of the new solution is the possibility for doctors to dictate a patient report and send it to their assistance for proof-reading together with their original audio recording. A feature unique to this bundle.

Seamlessly integrated solution

The solution is perfectly geared for larger installations, allows for remote central configuration and is Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Citrix and VMware ready. This makes the installation and maintenance processes easier and more convenient for both users and IT administrators. The solution enables hybrid working and flexible workflow arrangements, independent of physical location.

Trial SpeechExec Enteperrise with Dragon Medical One

Whether you are a sole practitioner, medical practice or hospital VoiceX Communications - Australia's largest Philips & Nuance Partner specialising in medical voice recognition and dictation solutions - can assist you with all your enquiries.  Speak to one of our consultants to arrange an obligation free demonstration or trial of SpeechExec Enterprise with Dragon Medical One.  Contact Us Today

Speech Recognition Anywhere

Dragon Medical One Cloud-based voice recognition software is designed for speed, accuracy and flexibility.

Featuring medical specific personalised vocabularies and templates that can be accessed and shared across the widest range of devices via the users own secure log-in.

Dictate directly into your EHR, practice management software, email, templates, documents and forms.

SpeechExec Enterprise V8

On its own SpeechExec Enterprise by Philips Speech Processing is an enterprise wide dictation & transcription management solution allowing admin to centrally manger users, configurations and licensing whilst providing end users the option for dictating directly to the PC, or via a digital voice recorder or by using the optional SpeechExec Voice Recorder app for their phone. 

The professional Transcription Module allows typists and admin staff to receive audio directly from their nominated authors.

By adding the optional SpeechKit, SpeechExec Enterprise now provides the further option for authors to have their dictation transcribed by an assistant or automatically transcribed by Dragon Medical One.  Typists can  then proofread and format the dictation with the aid of the accompanying audio.


SpeechExec Enterprise for Authors

The SpeechExec Dictation Module processes audio voice files from digital voice recorders (ie Philips PocketMemo and Philips Voice Recorder App) -you can even use 3rd party recording devices such as the Olympus DS Recorders.


Recording functions, priority, indexing, work routing and keywords can be customized to the author's needs.

Attach documents to dictation files keeps data organized.


Dictate directly to the PC via a PC microphone such as the desktop dictation devices (Philips SpeechMike).

The SpeechExec Entperise + Dragon Medical One also integrates with your Dragon Medical One profile for automatic speech-to-text conversion in real-time or off-line

Send speech recognised text and audio directly to the typist for proofreading and formatting.

Your choice of hardware

Dictate via your choice or mobile dictation recorder, dictation microphone, headset or for doctors on-the-go; the SpeechExec Voice Recorder App which turns your smartphone into a professional dictation voice recorder. Dictate and send directly from your smartphone - iOS and Android.

SpeechLive Phone.jpg

All inclusive, flexible subscripiton

SoeechExec Enterprise + Dragon Medical One is a fixed price, two-year agreement which includes;

  • Dragon Medical One License for authors

  • Unlimited Technical Support

  • Software Updates & Upgrades

  • Installation, Implementation & User Set-Up

  • 1-hour Author Training

  • 1-hour Typist Training

  • Universal & Concurrent Licensing for SpeechExec Enterprise

  • Statistics Reporting Module

  • Advanced Workflow Module

  • Web Access Module

  • Dictation Module (for authors)

  • Transcription Module (for typists) with foot control support

  • Central Admin Module (with Active Directory support)

  • Remote Environment Support

Dragon Medical One is a 12-month agreement invoiced annually.  Licenses are fully transferrable.

Advanced Data Security & option for Dragon Medical One

On-premise or cloud

Dragon Medical One Cloud is hosted in an Australian-based Microsoft Azure datacentre, an ASD Certified Cloud Services Provider and offers the highest level of security compliance and 99.5% up-time.

Alternatively, you with the SpeechExec Enterprise + Dragon Medical One you can opt for Dragon Medical One on-premise.

SpeechExec Enterprise features real-time file encryption (256 bit), password protection and secure file transfer grant only authorized individuals to access documents. The optional automatic backup function protects data against accidental loss.


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